■ Features
    1. Compact design with small number of parts assures easy
    assembling, disassembling and maintenance.
    2. Low headroom structure expands working space.
    3. New hoisting mechanism with helical gear has reduced the
    4. Specially designed host-motor with less power
    5. Magnetic contactor with mechanical interlock suits inching
    operation. Electrical interlock also prevents misuse safely.
    6. Hook has punch marks showing the original distance of
    hook opening for the convenience of maintenance.
    7. Small and light push-button switch of ABS resin
    (rainproof construction).


    -The totally-enclosed, self-cooled, class F insulation motors, designed
    for the new series, have high efficiency, high performance,
    and high torque, and excel in durability.
    -All motors are furnished with an external terminal box, and are
    easy to wire and maintain.
    -Made of excellent heat resistant insulating materials, the insulation
    system is high in reliability, resisting humidity, heat and
    -The torque characteristic and starting input characteristic have a
    sufficient allowance.
    -The hoist motor is provided with radiation fin, which keeps the
    temperature rise to a minimum.
    -All the motors are of a low noise type.
    -As Trolley brake is equipped with Release device, hoist can be
    moved under Power supply cut-off condition at the time of installation
    and maintenance and inspection.
    -As Trolley motor is equipped with heat