3 types of booster pump assembly, which one is good?

         Pump booster pump assembly is a pump set used to maintain a constant pressure in the pipe. Reduce the problem of water is not strong, pressure drop, pressure surge, increase the efficiency of the water pump even better. It can well meet the water demand of high-rise buildings, especially residential, industrial factories, irrigation systems, fire fighting systems, water production and distribution systems. and other situations who want to increase the water pressure to be sufficient and consistent for use
by the booster pump set Can assemble 1-3 water pumps and can choose the type of pump such as horizontal, vertical, centrifugal pumps or choose to be a multi-stage pump. to be suitable for use

Type of water pump booster pump assembly

  • End Suction Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump
          It is a single-impeller water pump, coupled type (Coupling). Can choose the specification of the water pump and the assembled motor. according to the requirements of the applicable system The installation must have space to place a steel platform to assemble the pump and motor together. And maintenance can separate the problematic parts to be repaired.
  • Self-priming centrifugal pump Monoblock Close Coupled
           It is a single impeller type centrifugal pump. which combines the pump and motor into one compact Often used in applications where space is limited or requiring ease of installation. The coupling of the pump shaft and motor shaft ensures that the impeller is balanced while rotating and standing still.
  • Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
          It is a pump with multiple impellers stacked vertically within a single pump casing.Designed to transfer liquids that require higher pressure. The pressure generated by each impeller accumulates Resulting in higher overall fluid dispensing. Compared to single stage pumps

               It is important to note that when selecting a water pump, its suitability for a specific application should be considered based on factors such as transmission distance, system requirements, and recommendations of the pump manufacturer. It is advisable to consult a specialist or refer to the pump technical documentation when selecting a centrifugal pump for booster assembly. or transfer pump

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