ResidentialJuristic Person is group of people hired to manage central assets of the condominium. They will handle and manage all common assets, including various problems from residents either solvable or not. Major problem which causes distress and disturb residents is concerning water system. Yong Hong (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has ability to provide products, such as [...]

Food Industry

Food IndustryFood industry is another important industrial sector to national economy in terms of productivity, employment and exporting. It may involve agro-industrial sector. Qualified machinery and equipment could save time and increase productivity. It will be more competitive with lower production cost and higher efficiency. Booster pump, sewage pump, water pump, pressure tank, gear pump, vacuum [...]

Water Treatment

water treatment

Wastewater Treatment System is a process to remove sludge or minimize contaminant in water. Process must comply with PCD (Pollution Control Department) standards before draining effluent into river, canal or other resources in order that water can be recycled. Wastewater treatment is therefore very important to public. Yong Hong (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is hereby willing […]

Agriculture and Aquaculture

1.1Agriculture and Aquaculture

Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries are fundamental to daily life of Thai people for that it is their main pursuit. Most of our country’s income comes from agricultural, aquaculture and fisheries products. Currently subject on innovation of modern equipment makes agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries more comfortable. They can save time, money, energy, make profit and increase […]