Air Compressor GAST 87R

Gast air pump model 87R, imported from America Is a piston type air compressor without oil That provides higher pressure values, quiet sound, durable, flexible, long service life Can be used with a variety of tasks, such as dental work , Filtering substances that are quite viscous

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Air Compressor GAST 87R


  • Is a system pump without oil for lubrication
  • Can use both air pump and vacuum pump
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet operation

GAST 87R Series Air Compressor Specifications

Family 87R
Volts 115-120-230-240/60 110-120-220-240/50
Cycle 50/60
Phase 1
Speed 50 Hz1425
Thermal Protection Yes
Amps Running Low Volts 50 Hz 3.6
Amps Running High Volts 50 Hz 1.9
Capacitor Value 30/370
Capacitor Part Number AP716
Regulatory Approval UL / CE
Motor ClassB