Ring Blower GAST R6P Series

 Ring Blower Model R6P Series. High quality products imported from America. Is a fan without oil. Which makes the air that is discharged without contamination The case of the rotor and cover is manufactured using aluminum material, strong, durable, easy to maintain and maintain. There is also a Thermal protection system which the blower fan will stop working immediately. When the heat is over To protect the motor from damage, suitable for use in packaging systems, used for aerators in the treatment system, used in various industrial conveyor systems Such as plastic pelletizing Grain conveyor etc.


Ring Blower GAST R6P Series

Ring Blower Feature

  • Machine body material, durable, easy to maintain
  • Do not use oi
  • TEFC motors that are UL and CSA certified
  • The case of the rotor and cover are made of aluminum
  • Can be installed muffling in and out


GAST R6P Series Performance Curve

GAST R6P Series R6P335A, R6P350A

Performance gast r6p



GAST R6P Series  Specifications 

GAST R6P Series R6P335A, R6P350A

MODEL  R6P335A R6P350A
Motor HP 2.5 4.8
Max vacuum inH₂O 60 70
Max Air Flow cfm 230 245
Max Pressure inH₂O 50 70
Voltages V 380 380
Fitting inch 2″ NPT 2″ NPT
WxLxH inch 16.75×16.69×18.15 16.75×17.75×18.15


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