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Submersible Ejector Pump KIRA EP Series


KIRA EP Series Applications

Pre-aeration and mixing in wastewater treatment system Oxygen supply to a slurry treatment tank Air supply to aquaculture farm or fish pond

KIRA EP Series Features

  • Special mix nozzle design provides high air flow with plenty of small air bubbles. This increases rate of oxygen supply.
  • Special nozzle creates strong single airjet current direction and is enable vertical stirring movement.
  • Low noise concept comes with submersible ejector type. Pump operates silently under water while it saves installation space.
  • Easy installation and maintenance by using guide rail system makes system last long.

High Solids Epoxy Coating

KIRA EP Series High solids expoxy coating is used to provide good resistance to wastewater, water contain chemical* or sea water*. Expoxy coating reduces speed of corrosion and extends life span of pump. resistance is up to mild level of chemical and sea water. Please consult your dealer for intense level liquid.

Epoxy Cable Base

KIRA EP Series All cables are seals firmly by rubber cup and filled with thick layer of epoxy resin at the cable entry. This expoxy resin prevents moisture entering through cable into motor caused by suction force in motor chamber.

Motor Protector

KIRA EP Series The motor protector will be activated and cut power off automatically when motor run in abnormal electric current or temperature. This auto-cut protector will be self reset the motor when it returns to normal. The auto-cut protector is installed in the motor and no outside connection required. It is standard equipment in pump up to 7.5kW.

Food Grade Lubricant

KIRA EP Series All pumps are filled with non toxic lubricant to follow company philosophy “JUNSUI” or pure water for good environment. This lubricant is food grade FDA standard, eco friendly and low impact on aquaculture farming.

Mechanical Seal

KIRA EP Series All pumps are equipped with double mechanical seal. Strong abrasion resistant mechanical seal composes of best grade silicon carbide to ensure the best seal performance.

High Efficiency Dry Motor

All stator coils are insulated by quality varnish under the automatic production line. This ensures the best insulation and durability.

KIRA EP Series Submersible Ejector Pump  Specifications

KIRA EP Series EP2.8-1S,EP21.5-1.25S,EP22.2-1.25S,EP2.8-1,EP21.5-1.25,EP22.2-1.25,EP43.7-2,EP45.5-2

Motor Body
Frequency 50/ 60Hz Impeller Semi open (Channel)
Phase Three-phase (Single-phase upon request) M.seal Double mechanical seal
Motor Dry submersible induction motor Bearing Ball type
2P (up to 2.2kW)/ 4P (3.7 – 5.5kW) Upper Cover FC200
Motor Frame Stainless steel
Insulation Class B (up to 2.2kW)/ Class F (3.7 – 5.5kW) shaft Stainless steel
Protection IP68 Casing FC200
Protection Device Auto-cut protector (built-in) Diffuser Stainless steel
Cable VCT or H07RN-F or SJOW/SOW
                                                                                 Application          Waste water, Sewage and Aeration in Farming
                                                                                 Liquid                 Temp 0 – 40 C (32 – 104 F)

KIRA EP Series Submersible Ejector Pump  Performance curves

KIRA EP Series EP2.8-1S,EP21.5-1.25S,EP22.2-1.25S,EP2.8-1,EP21.5-1.25,EP22.2-1.25,EP43.7-2,EP45.5-2

KIRA EP Series Submersible Ejector Pump Performance Specifications

KIRA EP Series EP2.8-1S,EP21.5-1.25S,EP22.2-1.25S,EP2.8-1,EP21.5-1.25,EP22.2-1.25,EP43.7-2,EP45.5-2

Model Moror Output Air -inlet Bore Air Volume Depth Max Water Depth Capacity Solids Passage Weight (kg.) Cable Tank Max Dimension (m.) Accessories
kW mm.(inch) m3/h(m) m. m3/h mm. m ยาว กว้าง สูง Ejector Guide Rail
KIRA EP2.8-1S KIRA  EP2.8-1 0.75 25 (1″) 15.5 (2.5) 3 21 20 19 18 8 3 2 7 BEP-1AP TEP-1AP
KIRA  EP21.5-1.25S KIRA  EP21.5-1.25 1.5 32(1 1/4“) 26(3) 4 51 20 34 30 8 4 3.5 4 BEP-11/4BP TEP-11/4BP
KIRA  EP22.2-1.25S KIRA  EP22.2-1.25 2.2 32(1 1/4“) 38(3) 4.5 60 20 37 32 8 5 5 4.5 BEP-11/4BP TEP-11/4BP
KIRA  EP43.7-2 3.7 50(2″) 90(3) 5.5 78 35 71 8 6 6 5 BEP-2CP TEP-2CP
KIRA  EP45.5-2 5.5 50(2″) 130(3) 6 132 35 112 10 7 7 6 BEP-2D TEP-2D

KIRA EP Series Submersible Ejector Pump  Dimensions

KIRA EP Series EP2.8-1S,EP21.5-1.25S,EP22.2-1.25S,EP2.8-1,EP21.5-1.25,EP22.2-1.25,EP43.7-2,EP45.5-2






Q (inch)




Ejector KIRA  EP2.8-1S KIRA  EP2.8-1 712 173 450 1″ Figure1 & Figure 2
KIRA EP21.5-1.25S KIRA EP21.5-1.25 881 207 520 1 1/4 Figure 3 & Figure 4
KIRA  EP22.2-1.25S KIRA EP22.2-1.25 881 207 520 1 1/4 Figure 3 & Figure 4
KIRA EP43.7-2 1113 314 638 2″ Figure 3 & Figure 4
KIRA EP45.5-2 1380 374 786 2″ Figure 3 & Figure 4
Gulde Pall KIRA  EP2.8-1S KIRA  EP2.8-1 742 173 485 1″ Figure 5 & Figure 6 & Figure 7
KIRA  EP21.5-1.25S KIRA EP21.5-1.25 900 207 596 1 1/4 Figure 8 & Figure 9 & Figure 10
KIRA EP22.2-1.25S KIRA  EP22.2-1.25 800 207 596 1 1/4 Figure 8 & Figure 9 & Figure 10
KIRA  EP43.7-2 1133 314 832 2″ Figure 8 & Figure 9 & Figure 10
KIRA  EP45.5-2 1402 374 913 2″ Figure 8 & Figure 9 & Figure 10

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