Burner Condor TR-G Series

Burner (CONDOR ROTARY OIL BURNER) TR-G Series All Condor throws light quality is imported from Japan. Use with diesel Petrol models have a built-in TR-G Series is designed for heavy duty applications in continuous.

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Condor TR Series Burner TRG2,TRG3,TRG4

Condor TR Series Specifications TRG2,TRG3,TRG4

Model Motor (HP) Oil Consumption Voltage Max. Pressure (mmAq) Air Volume (m3) Volume of suitable Furnace (m3) Suitable Boiler (kcal) N.W. kg
TG2 6-Jan 4-15 L 220V 80 mm 0.884 0.13-0.68 108,900 13
TG3 4-Jan 5-25 L 220V 140 mm 1.44 0.16-1.13 181,000 18
TG4 2-Jan 5-35 L 220V 230 mm 2.84 0.32-2.26 362,000 50

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