Gas Burner Modulating BENTONE BG650

Gas Burner Modulating BENTONE BG650 is an efficient and safe gas burner designed for industrial heating. The BG650 model automatically adjusts heat levels to meet system requirements, providing reliability and performance. Manufactured by BENTONE, it ensures quality and durability.


Gas Burner Modulating BENTONE BG650

Modulation burner available in 200-1125 kW

Modulation burner available in versions up to 1125 kW. Can be equipped with traditional control system or highly sophisticated burner management system from Siemens. The Siemens LMV control system gives you:

  • User friendly display control
  • Electronic ratio-control between air and fuel
  • Build-in leakage control (VPS)
  • Communication to main control unit (superior system) via modbus
  • BG 650M are suitable for traditional boilers, steam boilers, furnaces and all other areas of heating applications. Can be used in both over- and under -pressure boilers. Designed for easy maintenance.

Our industrial gas burner can be used for LPG, Natural gas and Biogas.


Type BG550 BG650
Capacity kWG20,G30,G31 140-628 200-1125
140-600 200-1125
Motor V/Hz/W 230-400/50/750 230-40/50/1500
Control unit Siemens
Max. inlet pressure mbar 360
Fittings Dungs Gas Multi Bloc
Flame monitoring Ionisation
Air damper motor .
Ball valve .
Pressure gauge .
Leakage control .
Regulator RM 16 .
Gross weight kg c. 100
Volume m³ c. 0.7



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