Plain Trolley DEMAG U series

Plain Trolley Demag U series product quality control from germany use with Demag chain hoist all model,The U series has capacity load 1.1-3.4 Ton.This product facilitates fast and simple installation.


Plain Trolley DEMAG U series

The new U trolley generation is available in two sizes for load capacities up to 1100 kg (U 11), 2200 kg (U 22) and 3400 kg (U 34). The flange width can be infinitely adjusted by means of two adjusting rings and covers the ranges from 58 mm to 200 mm, and 201 mm to 310 mm. This facilitates fast and simple installation.The travel rollers, which are made of high -strength and wear-resistant Polyamide, provide for smooth operating characteristics and low travel resistance. Optional steel rollers can also be used for special ambient conditions, e.g. high temperatures. The universal design of the travel rollers enables them to be used for operation on straight and sloping profile sections.

DEMAG U series Specifications

Trolley Size Load capacity  Runway girder
Push travel Electric travel
(kg.) Flange width (mm.) Rmin (mm.) Flange width (mm.) Rmin (mm.)
U 11 DC 1100 58-310 1000 58-310 2000
U 22 DC 2200 82-310 2000 82-310 3000
U 34 DC 3400 82-310 2000 82-310 3000
RU 56 DC 5600 98-310 2000 98-310 2500

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