Electric Motor MITSUBISHI SCLF-QR Series

Mitsubishi Motors SCLF-QR Series 2 Phase Single Phase (Closed Phase) Motor Prevent dust and foreign objects Cooling by circulating air in the motor. IP55 protection against water and dust, IE1 class motor efficiency.


Electric Motor MITSUBISHI SCLF-QR Series

Motor Electric MITSUBISHI SCLF-QR Series Features

  • Providing high power Work at full capacity
  • The motor is CAPACITOR START & RUN.
  • Has a constant total speed while the motor is in use
  • Low noise, noisy while in use
  • Lightweight
  • With Class B insulation system
  • Is an enclosed motor Prevent accidents From contact with the motor inside Inadvertently during use
  • With Mitsubishi’s unique design technology, smooth motor operation, no jams Reduce vibration
  • Electric motor Special properties when the starting torque is higher And using less electricity when starting compared to brush motor models


Dimensions mitsubishi SCLF QR

Specifications Data MITSUBISHI SCLF-QR

Output HP (kW) 1(0.75) 1.5(1.1) 2(1.5) 3(2.2)
Frame No. 90S 90L 100L 112M
No. of poles 4 4 4 4
Insulation class F 155˚C
Power supply 1 Phase 220/230V 50Hz.
Full load current (A) 5.2 7.9 10.4 15.1
Full load speed (min¯¹) 1430 1440 1450 1450
Starting current (A) 30.5 44 63 89
Starting torque (%) 250 248 279 222
Break down torque (%) 255 245 234 285
Effciency (%) 77.5 78.9 80.1 82.3

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