Electric Motor SIEMENS SIMOTICS General Purpose

Electric Motor SIEMENS SIMOTICS General Purpose Siemens SIMOTIC motors have extremely durable components – for general useThe frame, the end of the bearing and the shaft of the motor are strong, twisty and have high durability. The highest mechanical running properties to the degree of vibration.


Electric Motor SIEMENS SIMOTICS General Purpose

The low-voltage motor unique key features:

In order to maximize inventory turn rates, minimize complexity, decrease stock levels and minimize your investment required, we defined a specific distribution portfolio already including most common required features as standard. In addition we offer an additional selection of options with which you can modify the distribution offering even more.

  1. Low vibration The low vibration results from our precison manufacturing and the use of defined and controlled quality components. The quality bearings used augment this and result in longer life and lower noise. See chapter 1 – Applicable standards and specifications for details.

Besides we can always offer you the most comprehensive motor portfolio made to order for all applications and industries available from our standard catalog portfolio D 81.1 and SIMOTICS GP 1LEO Low-voltage Motors catalog offering D 81.5N 09-2011.

  1. Drain hole as standard (1LEO) Drain holes as standard make sure condensed water does not stay inside of the motor. This is especially important in humid environment and big temperature deltas.
  2. Bearing for high cantilever forces and longer lifetime Bearings in our motors are not only designed for high cantilever forces, but also to make sure the motors run smooth.
  3. True IP55 as standard Our IP55 design covers a vast majority of applications and is tested and proven for full lifetime, plus you have the full modification possibility within IP55 rating.
  4. F to B thermal class for bullt-In reserve The Siemens motors are rated at normal sinusoidal voltage with a class B (130 °C) temperature rise. The windings are rated to class F (155 °C) thus allowing for reserve for the additional losses associated with variable speed drive operation and / or higher ambient temperature and / or overload conditions when operating directly on-line. Fto F is possible for converter-fed operation.
  5. Converter-fed operation for variable speed as standard For all motors offered up to 460 V converter-fed operation is possible as standard configuration – no special option or series is needed.
  6. Embedded thermal protection 3x PTC

(1LEO/1LA7 and 1LE 1 motors) Thermal protection with PTC thermistors with 3 embedded temperature sensors for tripping is provided in our E2 motors above frame size 112 as standard version.

  1. Global motor platform Our motor design is based on one global motor platform with the same look and feel on all low-voltage motor IEC products.
  2. Prepared for easy modification and mount auxiliaries Our distribution motors are equipped with metal fan cover and center hole on non-drive end shaft for easy modification and mount auxiliaries.



SIMOTICS General Purpose
Efficiency class
 Aluminum Cast Iron
1LA7 1LE1002 1 LE1001 1LE0102 L 1LE0101
 Standard 400 V ± 5% 400 V ± 5% 400 V ± 5% 400 V ± 5% 400 V ± 5%
Optional voltage @ 50 Hz 380 V, 415 V, 525 380 V, 415 V, 525 380 V, 415 V, 525 380 V, 415 V, 525 380 V, 415 V, 525
construction Optional⁽ᵃ⁾
Type of
 Standard IM B3 IM B3 IM B3 IM B3 IM B3
Optional IM B35, IM B5,
IM V1, IM B14
IM B35, IM B5,
IM V1, IM B14
IM B35, IM B5,
IM V1, IM B14
IM B35, IM B5,
IM V1, IM B14
IM B35, IM B5,
IM V1, IM B14
 Bearing 62 C □ ⁽ᵇ⁾ □ ⁽ᵇ⁾
Bearing 63 C  ˗ □ ⁽ᵇ⁾ □ ⁽ᵇ⁾
Others Metal fan cover
Metal rating plate  ˗  ˗
Drain hole □ ⁽ᵇ⁾ □ ⁽ᵇ⁾
 Center hole at non-drive
end prepared for auxiliary
 ˗ √ ⁽ᵇ⁾      – □ ⁽ᵇ⁾
Space heater
3 x PTC □ ⁽ᵇ⁾
 Certificate Extra rating plate
for voltage tolerance
CE marking  ˗  ˗  ˗
Routine test
Stone grey (RAL 7030)

□ – Standard
√ – Option in distribution portfolio
◊ – Not available in distribution portfolio, only from standard catalog
– – Not available
⁽ᵃ⁾ – The limit for converter-fed operation is 460 Vrms +10%.
⁽ᵇ⁾ – Depending on frame size and/or number of poles, please see respective sections.

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