SIMOTICS DC SIEMENS Series 6 – Shaft Height 160-280

SIMOTICS DC SIEMENS Series 6 – Shaft Height 160-280 is durable and long-lasting


SIMOTICS DC SIEMENS Series 6 – Shaft Height 160-280

General description

The SIMOTICS DC motors series 6 are available with shaft heights 160 to 280. The power range extends from 30 kW up to 510 kW and the torque from 300 Nm up to 3400 Nm.
The motors are 4-pole, non-compensated.
Current rates of change up to 250 IN/sec are permissible with the fully laminated design. The high-quality DURIGNIT 2000® insulation system allows the motors to be used in humid, tropical climates and in industrial environments. All of the windings are completely impregnated when inserted. The rotor winding is sealed in order to prevent the ingress of brush dust.
As a result of the modular design, various cooling types and degrees of protection can be implemented with a basic motor.
The 1GH6 basic motor in degree of protection IP23 does not have its own cooling and must be connected to an external cooling system.
As 1GG6 motor with a mounted separately-drive fan motor, the motor can be operated independently of a central cooling system. Degree of protection IP54 or IP55 is either achieved using a pipe connection at both sides or by mounting an air-water cooler (1HS6) or air-air cooler (1HQ6) (not for shaft height 160). For a cooling water intake temperature of 25 °C, the 1HS6 version has the same power rating as the 1GH6 version. The 1HQ6 version has approximately 70 % of the power of the 1GH6 version.
When developing the motors, special significance was placed on a high mechanical strength in order to ensure that the motors are torsionally stiff and extremely rugged. This means that the motors can be operated in a very wide range of applications, e.g. in grinding machines, rolling mills and on presses.


Technical data overview

Power range: 31.5 to 510 kW
Rated armature voltage: 420 to 810 V DC
Excitation: Separately excited
Shaft heights: 160 to 280 mm
Number of poles: 4-pole
Speed: up to 4500 rpm
Degree of protection: IP23 and IP54
Type of construction: IM B3, IM B35 , IM V1 and others
Cooling type: IC06 / IC17 / IC37 / IC A06 A66 / IC W37 A86
Stator design: Fully laminated
Standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE
Operation: Converter operation, 1Q and 4Q, S1 to S9


Customer benefits

  • High power density but with low envelope dimensions
  • High operational safety and availability through a wide range of diagnostic functions, together with SINAMICS DCM DC converters
  • High thermal reserves for continuous and overload duty as a result of the DURIGNIT 2000 insulation system
  • Low losses through an extremely high efficiency
  • High brush lifetimes using the optimized current commutation system


Typical applications

  • Lift and cableway drives
  • Rolling mill drives and winders
  • Hoisting and travel gear drives for cranes
  • Extruders in the plastics industry
  • Drives for printing machines
  • Drives for paper machines


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