Submersible Pump tsurumi 80PN Series

PN Series pumps are one of Tsurumi VANCS Series models are manufactured from stainless steel and specialty resins. This pump is not just lighter. But also resistant to corrosion, too Semi-vortex pump model is designed to allow the passage medium to work want variety. It can be connected to a hose with sizes ranging from 40-80 mm.


Submersible Pump tsurumi 80PN Series

tsurumi 80PN Series tsurumi 80PN22.2,tsurumi 80PN23.7

TSURUMI : Submersible Pumps

Sewage & Wastewater

Led by aruguably the best cutter pump on the market today, our powerful and versatile sewage pumps confirm Tsurumi’s commitment to this growing market segment. Through the use of an adapter, our pumps are compatible with guide rail systems making pump replacement quick and easy while saving you time and money on entire rail systems.

Durable and compact. From our powerful sand and trash handling pumps to our efficient dewatering and residue/utility pumps, Tsurumi can meet your applications.

Let us assist you in choosing the correct model that will handle your needs and save you time and money.


PN Series
The main components of the PN Pump are made of 304 stainless-steel and composite resin materials, making this an ultra-lightweight pump. Suitable for effluent applications where large solids are not likely to exist. Automatic and auto-alternating versions are available in all sizes.

Watertight Cable Entrance with Anti-wicking block.
Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings rated B-10 60,000 hours.
Built in motor protection
Continuous duty air filled copper wound highly efficient motor.
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Motor Casing.
Dual inside mechanical with Silicon Carbide vs. Ceramic bottom faces.
Ball type air Relief valve
Solids handling semi-vortex impeller
Available Automatic Operation (PNA) / Auto Alternating (PNW)


tsurumi 80PN Series Submersible Pump Performance Curve

tsurumi 80PN Series tsurumi 80PN22.2,tsurumi 80PN23.7



tsurumi 80PN Series Submersible Pump Specifications

tsurumi 80PN Series tsurumi 80PN22.2,tsurumi 80PN23.7

MODEL Standard Model Autometic Model Auto-Alternation Model Motor Output Phase Starting Method Solid Passage Dry Weight (kg.)
kW. mm. Standard Auto&Auto-Alternation
TSURUMI 80PN 80PN22.2 80PNA22.2 80PNW22.2 2.2 Three D.O.L 20 22 23
80PN23.7 80PNA23.7 80PNW23.7 3.7 Three D.O.L 20 27 28


tsurumi 80PN Series Submersible Pump Dimensions

tsurumi 80PN Series tsurumi 80PN22.2,tsurumi 80PN23.7


Model d A B H W1 W2
TSURUMI 80PN22.2 80 311 212 559 500 130
TSURUMI 80PN23.7 80 311 212 594 535 130


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