Submersible Pump TSURUMI B Series

Submersible Pump TSURUMI B Series Tsurumi submersible pump model B has automatic shut-off when the motor is overload with mechanical seal. Quality products from Japan

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Submersible Pump Tsurumi B Series

B Channel Impeller Water Pump

TSURUMI : Submersible Pumps

Sewage & Wastewater

Led by aruguably the best cutter pump on the market today, our powerful and versatile sewage pumps confirm Tsurumi’s commitment to this growing market segment. Through the use of an adapter, our pumps are compatible with guide rail systems making pump replacement quick and easy while saving you time and money on entire rail systems.

Durable and compact. From our powerful sand and trash handling pumps to our efficient dewatering and residue/utility pumps, Tsurumi can meet your applications.

Let us assist you in choosing the correct model that will handle your needs and save you time and money.


Our B Series non-clog pumps are used primarily in municipal water supply stations and sewage treatment plants for pumping water, sewage, and digested sludge. In industry, these pumps are efficient for controlling cooling water, process and wastewater, and abrasive materials.


TSURUMI B Series มีหลากหลายรุ่น ดังนี้ TSURUMI 50B2.4S , TSURUMI 50B2.4 , TSURUMI 50B2.75S , TSURUMI 50B2.75 ,TSURUMI 50B2.75H , TSURUMI 80B21.5 , TSURUMI 100B42.2, TSURUMI 100B43.7, TSURUMI 100B43.7H, TSURUMI 100B45.5, TSURUMI 100B47.5TSURUMI 150B63.7, TSURUMI 150B47.5H, TSURUMI 150B47.5L, TSURUMI 150B411, TSURUMI 150B415, TSURUMI 150B422, TSURUMI 150B437, TSURUMI 200B47.5, TSURUMI 200B411, TSURUMI 200B415, TSURUMI 200B422, TSURUMI 200B422H, TSURUMI 200B437, TSURUMI 200B455, TSURUMI 250B611, TSURUMI 250B415, TSURUMI 250B622, TSURUMI 250B430, TSURUMI 250B437, TSURUMI 250B445, TSURUMI 250B455, TSURUMI 250B475, TSURUMI 300B615, TSURUMI 300B622, TSURUMI 300B630, TSURUMI 300B637, TSURUMI 300B445, TSURUMI 300B645, TSURUMI 300B655, TSURUMI 300B475, TSURUMI 350B822, TSURUMI 350B630, TSURUMI 350B637, TSURUMI 350B645, TSURUMI 400B822, TSURUMI 400B637, TSURUMI 400B645, TSURUMI 400B655, TSURUMI 400B675, TSURUMI 500B1037(50Hz), TSURUMI 500B1237(60Hz), TSURUMI 500B855, TSURUMI 500B675, TSURUMI 500B875(60Hz), TSURUMI 600B1845, TSURUMI 600B1255, TSURUMI 600B1455, TSURUMI 600B1085, TSURUMI 600B1285, TSURUMI 700B1265, TSURUMI 700B1465, TSURUMI 700B1275, TSURUMI 700B1475, TSURUMI 800B1290, TSURUMI 800B1490, TSURUMI 800B14110, TSURUMI 800B16110

The B-series is a submersible channel impeller designed for handling raw sewage, wastewater and heavy-duty industrial applications, where the pump is subject to complete submersion and requires maximum reliability. The TSURUMI B-series has a proven track record for offering life in both continuous and intermittent sump applications. It is available as an extended line-up from 50 to 800mm discharge bores.

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