Submersible borehole pumps for 10″ & 12″ wells LOWARA Z10, Z12, ZR10, ZR12

The Z-ZR10-Z-ZR12 Series is a multistage vertical centrifugal pump designed for use in 10” and 12” wells. The range is designed to give high efficiency throughout its performance area and almost every duty point between 120 m3/h and 460 m3/h has an efficiency higher than 80%. The shaft alignment of the pump is specifically designed to reduce vibration issues throughout the lifetime of the pump.  The wear ring on the Z10/ZR10 pump also keeps recirculation losses to a minimum, ensuring high levels of efficiency in applications such as supply of surge tanks and reservoirs, fire fighting and agricultural flood irrigation.

Z10-Z12: AISI 304

All Z-ZR10-Z-ZR12 pumps can be coupled to NEMA standard motors.


  • Delivery: up to 520 m³/h
  • Head: up to 545 m
  • Power supply: three-phase 50 Hz
  • Power: from 4 kW up to 350 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: to 60 °C
  • Maximum immersion depth: 350 m


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