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Electric carrier KSU-MDS2

Advantage KSU-MDS2

  • Noiseless and pollution-free electric power is used
  • Automatic brake system applied
  • Convenient to turn left or right by adopting an electronic power lever
  • A guide mounted for adjustment of the width of a box bed
  • Acceleration/Deceleration function for operation in a slope

KSU-MDS2  Electric carrier Specifications

Battery DC12 V, 100 AH X 2 EA
Moter DC24 V, 250 W X 2 EA
Electric charger 220 V / DC 24 V
Prescribed 200 kg
loading capacity
Vehicle body dimension 1,600 mm X 900 mm X 850 mm
Storage box dimension 1,650 mm X 960 mm X 250 mm

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