SAMSAN MP-500 Series


MP500 Series – Electrochemical Meters

MP500 Series of electrochemical meters is the perfect combination of advance electronic. sensor technology and software design. The Series covers more tha 10 kinds of eletrochemistry measurement parameters and is classified into 14 kinds of eletrochemical meters. The series is the most cost-effective laboratory water analytical instruments.

Nice appearance, easy to use, equipped with a flexible electrode holder, an intelligent stirrer and brief operation manual. Meets International GLP standards, with intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation. data storage, time display, RS-232 out-put, function setup, self-diagnoses of information and etc. Options of three different measurement modes: a stable displat mode, timing measurement mode and continuous measurement mode. Meter with with unique product serial number. Meter consisten with IP54 dust-prooh and splash-proof.

Features of MP500 Series

pH and mV measurement – Ability to set two special pH measurement modes for high purity water and ammonia added pure water to meet the requirement of electric power and petrochemical industry.
– Ability to set “”EH”” oxidation -reduction potential(ORP) measurement mode to directly display ORP value as opposed to the standard hydrogen electrode potential.B3
Conductivity measurement – Advanced and unique conductivity measurement technique, employing an two-ring conductivity electrode(K=1). Only one-point calibration can reach the measurement precision within the scope of 200mS/cm.
– Automatic selection of the measuremen range, automatic non-linear temperature compensation for high-purity water of less then 10μS/cm.C2
Dissolved Oxygen measurement – Automatic compensation of temperature, salinilty and air pressure.
– A new dissoloved oxygen electrode with the function of salinity measurement can achieve automatic salinity compensation, short polarization time, fast respone and accurate measurement.
ISE measurement – Options of 10 kinds of common ions. Ability to input the molecular weight and ion valence to set other ions.
– Ability to select or switch among four measurement units: pX. Mol/L, mg/L and ppm.
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