SX600 Series of water-proof Pen Testers

SX610 pH Tester
Range : 0-14.00 pH
Accuracy : ±0.1 pH,ATC (No temp.display)

SX620pH Tester
Range : -1.00 to 15.00pH
Accuracy : ±0.01 pH,ATC

SX630 ORP Tester
Range : ± 1999 mV
Accuracy : ± 0.2% FS

SX650 Conductivity /Resistivity /TDS /Salinity Tester
Range : 0 to 50 mS/cm
Accuracy : ± 1.0 % FS,ATC

The smallest and thinnest shape: 148x29x14mm.
The diameter of the electrode: 10mm.
The single button operation, easy to use.
The intelligent function: automatic identification of calibration solution, automatic calibrationelectrode invalidation display and etc.
, automatic temperature compensation, automatic range switches, automatic power off, low voltage alarm, pH
The reliable structure design: the meter meets IP57 water-proof. Replaceable electrodes and a portable case. The high cost-effectiveness.


SAMSAN  Type SX-600 Series Water-Proof Pen Specifications

Measurement Parameters pH pH/Temp mV  mV Cond./Res/TDS/Sal./Temp.
Range 0-14.0 pH pH:-1.00-15.00 pH Temp.: 0-60°C ±1999 mV Cond. : (0-50.0)µS/cm      (50-500) µS/cm                (0.50-5.00)µS/cm             (5.0-50.0µS/cm)
Ress.:         TDS: 0-35.0g/l                        Sal : 0-25.0 ppt  Temp.: 0-50.0°C
Accuracy ±0.1pH pH: ±0.01 pH Temp.:±1.0°C ±0.2% FS Cond:±1.0%FS Temp :±0.5 °C
Auto.Temp. Compensation 0-60°C (NoTemp.display) 0-60°C No 0-50°C
Calibration 1 point 1-3 point No 1 point
Calibration Solution pH 7.00 pH 4.00/7.00/10.01 222 mV ORP standard Solution 1413 µS/cm
Electrode Soaking Solution Yes Yes Yes No
IP  Rating IP57 Dustproof and waterproof
Power 2x lithium batteries (CR 2032) parallel connection
Auto Power-off Automatically power-off after 10 minutes
Dimension&Weight Meter : 148x29x14 mm /Weight :43 g Portable Case : 168x96x28 mm/Weight :180g


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