Complete set Ring Blower

A Complete set Ring Blower is a set of Ring blower and Vacuum tank assembled together. It is suitable for dental work such as saliva suction, bacteria, germ elimination and dust removal.


Complete set Ring Blower

A Complete set Ring Blower creates suction force to pull liquid and/or gases into itself while Vacuum tank helps trap liquid because liquid must not go inside ring blower, otherwise the blower will be damaged. The tank has suction tube at the top, and drainage tube at the bottom for draining liquid in tank through check valve when stop using blower.

Structure of Complete set

  1. Ring Blower
  2. Vacuum tank
  3. Suction tube
  4. Connecting tube
  5. Drain tube
  6. Non-Return Valve or Check valve

We have two brands of Ring blower for customer’s selection. SANCO SC Series Ring blower, leading brand from Japan, able to generate air suction and blowing at the same time (Click here for more information).  And GAST oil-less Ring blower import from USA (Click here for more information) which generates a totally clean air with various models for customer’s selection.

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