Electric Motor MITSUBISHI SCF-QRV Series

Mitsubishi Motor SCF-QRV Series Single Phase Motor, Closed Structure Prevent dust and foreign objects Cooling by circulating air in the motor. IP55 protection against water and dust, IE1 class motor efficiency.


Electric Motor MITSUBISHI SCF-QRV Series

Electric Motor MITSUBISHI SCF-QRV Series

Is a high quality 1 phase stepper motor with JIS (Japane Industrial Standard) and IEC (Internationa Electrotechnical Commission).
Lightweight when compared with other models High torque and also full power. And has a smooth speed (Smooth Speed), low noise while the motor is running Due to the balanced design Has a long service life And durable, suitable for use with ventilation systems such as Installed to drive the ventilation fan Indoor or animal husbandry, in an open and closed house, using a fan system Ventilate the pump assembly including the conveyor system And connect with all this compressor equipment from Mitsubishi Designed to be easy and convenient to use in all forms.


Dimensions Data MITSUBISHI SCF-QRV Series

Dimensions mitsubishi SCF QRV


Specifications Data MITSUBISHI SCF-QRV Series

MODEL Flange No. Frame No. Pole Bearing No. Approximate Weight Approximate Packing dimensions Packing Weight
Drive end Oppersite kg (LxWxH) kg
SCF-QRV FF130 A71 4 6202ZZ 6201ZZ 9.3 327x282x230 10.3
FF130 B71 4 6202ZZ 6201ZZ 9.8 327x282x230 10.8
FF160 80M 4 6203ZZ 6202ZZ 14.2 380x292x250 15.4


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