Synchronous Motors TECO


– We provide superior value in terms of performance and long life in arduous applications.
– Our synchronous machines offer numerous benefits including:Constant-speed operation
– High efficiency ratings
– Low inrush currents
– Leading power factor (for corrective KVA capability)

Low Speed 12 Pole (Speed) and above
High Speed 10 Pole (Speed) and below


Pulp and paper processing, electric utility, marine, water and wastewater treatment, chemical and petrochemical, steel, mining, air conditioning, and air separation.
Synchronous machines can be found wherever there is a demand for highly efficient, cost-effective, dependable machines. They are frequently used for chippers, mixers, generators, rolling, ball and sag mills, pulp (reprocating and centrifical) drives. They are also furnished with adjustable frequency drives (PWM, LCI, and Cyclo-converter) for soft starters or speed regulation.


Output (HP) 500 ~ 85,000 HP (373 ~63,410 KW)

RPM 30 ~ 1800 rpm
Voltage 2300 ~ 13,800V
Frequency (Hz) 50, 60, adjustable
Frame Size 400M~ 800S
Protection Enclosure ODP, WPI, WPII, TEAAC, TEFV, TEFC


Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical

Bearings: Sleeve as standard
PF: 1.0 ~ 8.0 leading
Excitation: Brush type or Brushless
Construction: Bracket or Pedestal
The motors shall be designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance with the latest version of NEMA standard MG-1, ANSI, IEEE 115, and the NEC.

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