Battery tester And print a report SUKYOUNG SY-DBT1000C

Battery tester And print a report in the Sukyoung SY-DBT1000C model for checking the performance and battery life at a glance Along with typing the test report Suitable for car service centers, garages, dynamo-batteries stores And general professional technicians


Battery tester And print a report SUKYOUNG SY-DBT1000C


  •  Check the battery capacit
  • Check charging system
  • Check the starting system
  • shows the internal resistance of the battery
  • Show charging results 0-100%
  • Show the voltage of the battery
  • Show the age of the battery 0-100%
  • Print test report with date and time
  • Shows the battery status that is still working. Or should be changed

 SUKYOUNG SY-DBT1000C Battery Tester And Print a Report Specifications

Model SUKYOUNG SY-DBT1000C Printer
testing Voltage DC10~40 V
Testable battery 12V, 14V
Testable item Battery capacity, Life of span, Internal Resistance, CCA, AH, DIN, IEC, EN
Testable valve range CCA 10~1700/AH, 10~300/DIN, 10~1000/IEC,  Alternator 12/24 V
Display Specific gravity, Battery life span, Actual battery capacity
LCD Type 16 x 4 Characters
Testing time Battery test 1 sec. / Alternator test 0.5 sec.
Length of test load 75 CM
Printer Specification Thermal transfer printing, Printing size 2 inch
Accessory Lead clip set
Dimension (W)115 x (L)230 x (H) 95 mm
Weight 3.5 KG.

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