Portable Tire Inflator SUKYOUNG SY-700A Series

Sukyoung portable tire inflator model SY-700A. Digital automatic tire inflator. Can be used with many pneumatic devices, such as inflating tires Motorbikes, bicycles, air beds, rubber pools, football balls using a 220 V power supply from home electricity


Portable Tire Inflator SUKYOUNG SY-700A Series

SUKYOUNG SY-700A Series Feature

  • Digital display
  • able to specify pressure
  • can be used for many types
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • The product is durable

SUKYOUNG SY-700A Series Portable Tire Inflator Specifications

Power source Single phase, AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Input air pressure 10-15Kgf/cm2
Adjustable temperature 40°C~150°C
Working air pressure 1 ~ 100 PSI
Preset button number Six buttons(initial set valve:30,40,60,100,120,150 PSI)
Display pressure unit PSI & BAR
Accuracy ±1 PSI
Alarm function Task completion, Malfunction of sensor
Watt consumption 6W : without heater activated
21W : With heater activated
Dimension (W)455mm x (L)300mm x (H)100mm
Weight Approx. 14 kg
Standard accessories Air hose 10m, Triangular board and nail, Air chuck, Air tool connector

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