Automatic Cable Winder Twister ALE-N / ALE.

Automatic Cable Winder Twister ALE-N / ALE. The body is made of thick metal coated with rust. The power cable uses high quality raw materials. The cable can be pulled out for use. And twitch the wires gently To store the power cord For ease of use Prevent accidents after use


Use:Operation cable for industrial site,For power supply
Feature:Solid frame,High durable slip ring,Manual rewind
Installation:Wall,Floor(Within 4M height,If installed over 4M,it could not rewind.)


dimension Twister ALE N ALE


Model Cable Maximum Capacity Weight (kg) Remark
Cable Specifications L(M) Max(V×A)
TWISTER ALE-210N VCTF 1.5SQ×3C, Outlet 10 220V×10A 7.8 For Indoor
TWISTER ALE-215N VCTF 1.5SQ×3C, Outlet 15 220V×10A 8.5 For Indoor
TWISTER ALE-220N VCTF 1.5SQ×3C, Outlet 20 220V×10A 9.3 For Indoor
TWISTER ALE-230N VCTF 1.5SQ×3C, Outlet 30 220V×15A 10 For Indoor
TWISTER ALE-310N VCTF 2.5SQ×3C, Outlet 10 220V×10A 9 For Indoor

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