Submersible Pump CALPEDA GXR-GXV Series

Calpeda GXR, GXV single impeller submersible pumps are made of chrome-nickel stainless steel with vertical delivery ports. Water-cooled motor pumped through the motor jacket and external jacket, double shaft seal, high efficiency for a variety of applications, can support a maximum of 12,7 meters and a maximum flow rate of 220 liters / minute.


Submersible Pump CALPEDA GXR-GXV Series


Series GXR:

  • For clean water containing solids up to 10 mm grain size.
  • For draining rooms or or emptying tanks. – Extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits and for rainwater collection.
  •  For irrigation purposes.

Series GXV:

  • For clean or slightly dirty water, containing solids up to 25 mm grain size.
  • Particularly suitable for liquids with a high solid content For outdoor use a power supply cable of not less than 10 m should be used in accordance with: EN 60335-2-41.

CALPEDA GXR-GXV Series Performance Curve

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Performance n=2900

GXR 91.60.9GXRM 92.384500.50.250.33H m98.3764.  
GXR 112.31.3GXRM 113.212.54500.70.370.51110. 
GXR 132.81.6GXRM 134.5164500.950.450.612.711.710.
GXV 25-61.60.9GXVM 25-62.384500.50.250.33H m65.  
GXV 25-82.31.3GXVM 25-83.212.54500.70.370. 
GXV 25-102.81.6GXVM 25-104.5164500.950.450.6109.58.787.

CALPEDA GXR-GXV Series Technical data

Pump typePower supply cableFloat switch
Cable materialSectionLengthPlug CEE 7 (VII)Cable materialSection
GXRM 9 H05RN-F3G0.75 mm25 mYESH07RN-F3G1 mm2
GXVM 25-6
GXRM 11, 13H07RN-F3G1 mm25 mYESH07RN-F3G1 mm2
GXVM 25-8, 25-10
GXR 9 H05RN-F4G0.75 mm25 mNONO
GXV 25-6
GXR 11, 13 H07RN-F4G1 mm25 mNONO
GXV 25-8, 25-10

CALPEDA GXR-GXV Series Dimensions

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TypeDimensions (mm)(1) kg
GXR9 – GXRM 926523055.2
GXR 11- GXRM 113002656.26.5
GXR 13- GXRM 133002656.77.2

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TypeDimensions (mm)(1) kg
GXV 25-6-GXVM 25-626523055.2
GXV 25-8 -GXVM 25-83002656.26.5
GXV 25-10 -GXVM 25-103002656.77.2

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