Centrifugal Pump FORAS 4MA – 4MAX Series

Foras centrifugal pump 4MA – 4MAX. The centrifugal pump is made of high quality cast iron. The impeller is made of brass, not rust. Stainless steel shaft SUS 304, highly resistant to corrosion. Maximum fluid temperature resistant to 40 °. Can be used in the area.


Centrifugal Pump FORAS 4MA – 4MAX Series


  • Suitable for delivering water to residential buildings
  • Suitable for agricultural and industrial water systems
  • Suitable for general water pumping tasks


  • Industrial centrifugal pumps EN727 standard flange
  • Motor size 2-10 Horsepower
  • Pipe size 2 inches – 4 inches
  • Available in medium to high pressure delivery versions
  • Medium and high water content

 Power system

  • Two wires, 1 phase 220V and 3 phase 380V

FORAS 4MA – 4MAX Series Centrifugal Pump Specifications

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