Centrifugal Pump TAKI FSK100

TAKI water pump model FSK100, self priming pump, 1 impeller type, close impeller (Close Impeller), high efficiency Able to pump water without having to have a vacuum assist system suitable for fire fighting pumps Water injection pump Car Water Pump Used for watering plants, sprinkling water, pumping water, installing water in the car Pump water from the water tank on the car Industrial water pump


Centrifugal Pump TAKI FSK100

  • There is a reverse flow valve in the suction pipe. Helps to absorb water well
  • able to pump water at the rate of 2,000 liters per minute
  •  Pressure up to 167 pounds per square inch at 4000 cycles or pressure up to 282 pounds per square inch at 5200 cycles.
  • Pumping pipe size
  • Pay with a diameter of 3 inches


  • Pump cover: ductile cast iron GGG 40
  • Impeller: Cast iron GG 25
  • Shaft: 4140 alloy steel (SCM440)
  • Shaft shaft: mechanical shaft
  • Flange: Cast iron GG 25

TAKI FSK100 Performance

Performance taki FSK 100

TAKI FSK100 Dimensions

Dimension-taki-FSK 100

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