Ring Blower GAST R5 Series

Ring Blowers GAST R5 Series Gast Blower Brand high quality imported from America. The TEFC is a 2.5 HP fanless HP fanless fan at 60 Hz and 1.5-1.85 hp (50 Hz). It is available in both single phase and three-phase motors. Design cover made of durable aluminum material requiring low maintenance. The Blower Gast R5 Series is available in three models: R5125-2, R532A-2 and R5325B-1.



Ring Blower GAST R5 Series 

GAST R5 Series R-5325A-2


  • Machine body material, durable, easy to maintain
  • Do not use oil
  • TEFC motors that are UL and CSA certified.
  • There is a system to automatically cut off when the heat exceeds the specified value.
  • The case of the rotor and cover are made of aluminum.
  • Can be installed horizontally
  • Can be installed muffling in and out


GAST R5 Series Ring Blower Performance Curve

GAST R5 Series R-5325A-2



GAST R5 Series Ring Blower Specifications

GAST R5 Series R-5325A-2

MODEL R-5325A-2
Motor HP 1.85
Max vacuum inH₂O 47
Max Air Flow cfm 133
Max Pressure inH₂O 50
Voltages V 380
Fitting inch 1⅟₂” NPT
WxLxH inch 12.34×15.34×11.80


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