Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series

fine bubble disc diffuser FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series with EPDM membrane with high tensile strength producing tiny air bubbles of an average 1-3 mm RCD Series models with check valves to prevent water returning into the pipes and RSD Series models without check valves .


Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series

Disc Diffuser  FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series Feature

  • High Oxygen Transmission Efficiency (OTE) with a large number of identical diameter slits (pores) on EPDM membrane producing tiny air bubbles of an average 1-3 mm, thus provide power saving efficiency and low operation cost.
  • Excellent back flow prevention with check valve to avoid clogging and sewage water to entering into aerator pipe line when air transmission is shut (also available with non-check valve).
  • Equipped with EPDM membrane with high tensile strength, anti-tearing, and non- deformability. The membranes surface are overspread with over 6500 to 12500 of micro pores. While operating, the bubbles are rise in a form of spiral whirlpool, thus provide the self-cleaning ability for the membranes as well as extended long service life.
  • Unique seal ring provide a maximum tight sealing between diffuser base and membrane washer.
  • PVC Soft connector for installation with pipe line also available as optional accessories.

FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series Applications

  • Aeration
  • SBR reaction basin
  • Sludge activated process
  • Wastewater treatment process
  • Denitrification aerobic process
  • Aquafarm and other aeration
  • application

FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series Performance

performance flowshen RSD RCD 245          performance flowshen RSD RCD 330

FLOWSHEN RSD/RCD Series Dimensions

dimension flowshen RSD RCD

RSD245 RSD330 RCD245 RCD330
266 348 265 350
No. Description Model
RSD245 RSD330 RCD245 RCD330
1 Retaining ring *PP *PP *PP *PP
2 Membrane **EPDM **EPDM **EPDM **EPDM
3 Check valve ***N/A ***N/A **EPDM +*PP **EPDM+ *PP
4 Disc *PP *PP *PP *PP

FLOWCHEN RSD/RCD Series Specifications

MODEL Flow rate Design flow Pressure Check valve Range depth Service area Pores quantity Bubble size Max. Temp Connector threaded Weight
m3/hr m3/hr loss (Pa)  (m)  (m2)  (mm) (kg)
FLOWSHEN RSD245 1-7.2 2.0-6.0 2000-4800 ***N/A 1.5-7.0 0.5 6500 1-3 100 °C 3/4 “NPT 0.6
FLOWSHEN RSD330 1-12 4.0-8.5 3800-6300 0.8 12500 0.85
FLOWSHEN RCD245 1-7.2 2.0-6.0 2800-5500 Included 0.5 6500 0.75
FLOWSHEN RCD330 1-12 4.0-8.5 4300-6800 0.8 12500 0.95

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