Oil burners Two stage BENTONE B65

Oil burners Two stage BENTONE B65 is a burner with a two-stage combustion system, allowing for adjustable flame levels according to job requirements. The two-stage system enhances energy efficiency and reduces the accumulation of soot during combustion. The BENTONE B65 is known for its durability and suitability for various environments.


Oil burners Two stage BENTONE B65

Available in versions up to 99,0 kg/h in 2-stage and 3-stage versions.

Hydraulic adjustment of the nozzle assembly is optional. Quiet in operation. A soft pulsation free start. Wide adjustment range, high efficiency with constant combustion values. Energy saving.

Oil Burner

– Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements

– Designed for easy regulation and maintenance

– Reliable and trouble free

– Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 276

– Suitable for Hight Resistance Boiler

– 2 or 3-stage

– Industry standard components easily available

– Available with hydraulic air adjustment or airdamper motor

– Plug-in contact facilitates the installation


Type B65-2 B65-2H B65-2R B65-3R
Capacity kg/h 24-99 24-99 24-99 24-99
kW 285-1174 285-1174 285-1174 285-1174
Motor V/Hz/W 230-400/50/1500
Cntrol box Siemens
Fuel pump Danfoss
Thermostat RT16 .
Gross weight kg c. 50
Volume m³ c. 0.3



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