Inversion Chain Hoist Model CH-1000 Series

DUKE CH-1000 is a three phase,direct control 1 ton chain designed and built to withstand the rigorous entertainment rigging environment. It operates with a power cable only. The hoist is compatible with most existing direct control hoist controller. This hoist operates in both upright and inverted positions.

Phase Life
Load Chain(mm)
CH-1000 1000kg 220V / 380V /440V 3 3 1 50HZ-6 /  60HZ-7 2 7.1

Operating Features

1. Standars working voltage is 380V,3Ph,50HZ; can be converted to work 220V or 440V through simple internal adjustment
2. Supplied ready-to-use,CEE 16A 4P plug with 1.5M cable
3. Motor works with a voltage drop of up to 10%
4. Wear-resistant black power coated finish for low visibility in the show environment
5. Supplied two full-tested ergonomic hand grip straps

Safety Features

1. Jam-resistant chain guide locates outside to eliminate any possibility of jamming and guides the lift chain into chain bag instinctively
2. Grade 80 load chain with 7:1 safety factor for maximum strength and wear resistance
3. Motor meets HMI H4 duty rating built in 2nd brake,rated for 15 minutes per hour consecutive operation
4. Independent gear brake unit to ensur better hear dissipation
5. Fitted with overload clutch protection as standard
6. Second brake at motor side enhances braking control
7. Simple Installation and Service

  • Three-phase single speed offers simple voltage change for adaptability to different application
  • Easy Voltage change makes three-phase DUKE feasible on either 220V,380V or 440V (quick connect terminals are transferred in seconds)
  • Voltage drop tolerance:up to 10%

8. Special Chain Guide Design

  • Eliminates any possibility of jamming due to twisting of the chain
  • Instinctively guides the lift chain into the bag

9. Standard Overload Protection

  • Load limit clutch prevents overload lifting
  • Overload clutch protection does not break the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load

10. Disc Type Electric Hoist Brake

  • Enlarged brake discs reduce surface stress and prolong brake life
  • Brake automatically actuates in the event of a power failure

11. Precise investment casting Steel Alloy Lift wheel with Heat Treated

  • Precision and hear treated for additional strength and durability
  • Smooth,reliable operation
  • Reduce wear for longer lifespan of lift wheel,chain guide and chain link


Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd. is the number one professional manufacturer of winch & hoist in Taiwan.
We developed a leading quality of Taiwan brand “STORNG” and our exporting brand name is “DUKE”.
Our company established in 1979 and we producing excellent quality of hoisting equipment for 30 years.

Products range are :

AC power:

  • Electric mini chain hoist
  • Electric mini wire winch
  • Electric wire winch
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Electric all-purpose wire winch.

DC power:

  • OFF-ROAD winch..

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