Maintenance Crane Hoist Elevator Safety System

We provide inspections for hoists, including hand chain hoists (Chain Block), Electric Chain Hoist, as well as crane rail systems. Structural system (Crane) and the elevator (Elevator) as well.


Maintenance Crane Hoist Elevator Safety System

Yong Hong (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers a complete range of services from inspecting Hoist, Chain block, Electric chain hoist, Crane structure and Elevator, to supply safety certification license (por-jor.1) by our experienced engineering team and skillful technicians based on engineering practices, international standards and regulatory requirements.

Moreover, our professional, from senior to adjunct, licensed engineers could provide services repair, maintenance and recondition to ensure safety, availability and reliability in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection services include :

1.Up/Down and Left/Right operation test of hoist
2.Trolley operation test
3.Left/Right operation test of crane
4.Crane girders, rails and columns of overhead crane structure test
5. Electrical equipment and control system test

Periodic inspection for crane, hoisting and lifting equipment
From 1-3 ton capacity, every year
From 3-5 ton capacity, every 6 months
From 5 ton upwards, every 3 months

Contact us now and discover how we can ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with statutory requirements at phone no.
088-227-6542 or 02-618-3000, 02-036-3000

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