Onground water tank DOS Greenery Series

DOS Greenery Series Ground Water Tank, Water Tank High Durability Manufactured with HSC construction, easy to install, strong and safe, available in 1,000 liters, 1,500 liters and 2,000 liters.


Onground water tank DOS Greenery Series

On Ground Water Tank DOS Greenery Series is a water storage tank designed with a screw body that is specially suitable for use. Increase durability And easy to install Screw the cap tightly closed Can prevent dust Ants or insects completely


  • POP-UP water overflow system prevents water from flowing out of the tank.
  • Structures that are durable Because of structural materials Hybridize Structure Concept High Polymer H970.
  • FDA certified free of contaminants. Not using recycled plastics.
  • Quality of materials, special light to prevent algae.
  • An innovative sun protection
  • High quality hose, firm, no leakage Special connection
  • Body Manufacturing Technology High class compound, the color does not fade
  • Hygienic and safe, without any bad smell. Made from quality plastic pellets with SCG Chemicals standard
  • Strong rust A sturdy brass screw grade, no leaks.

DOS Greenery Series Specifications

DOS Greenery Series 1000 L 1500 L 2000 L
Tank Cover cm. 40 40 40
Width cm. 99 113 128
Height cm. 157 182 189
Outlet Inch 1 1 2
Inlet Inch 1 1 1
Discharge inch 1 1 1
Person Residential 1-4 4-5 6-8
office 11-14 15-20 21-30

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