Impeller TSURUMI

For the most part, pump performance and efficiency depend on the type of impeller. With TSURUMI pumps, impellers are classified into the following catagories, by structure, specific speed and other characteristics.


channel impeller tsurumi

CHANNEL Impeller

Channel impeller employed by B-series pump is itself configured like a semi-open channel, single vane to make it less likely for solids and fibrous matter to clog inside the pumps

cutter impeller tsurumi

CUTTER Impeller

Cutter impeller is used in C-series pump. It comprises of vane with single brazed sintered tungsten carbide alloy edge and a suction cover of serrated shape. This mechanism prevents the pump from being clogged with fibrous matter that can easily clog any pump.

vortex impeller tsurumi

VORTEX Impeller

Vortex impeller is adopted in U/PU-series pump. Rotation of the impeller produces a whirling, centrifugal action between the impeller and the pump casing and it moves the fluid through the pump. Being coupled with a wide pump casing, wastewater containing solid matters can be pumped out without obstruction.

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