Water Hammer Prevention

          Water Hammer Prevention with Various Devices That can reduce the occurrence and the important thing is the maintenance and operation of the piping system to be more efficient. The cause of the water hammer that occurs in the pipe system when there is a sudden change in the flow or velocity of the water. That can lead to the creation of a pressure wave that travels through the piping system. Can cause damage so let’s see how to prevent Water Hammer.

Here are some effective water hammer prevention measures :

  1. Slow Valve Closing : One of the main causes of water hammers is the sudden closing of the gate valve. This can be done using slow closing valves. Install a flow control device. or use a valve control system that controls shut-off
  2. Surge Control Devices : They can absorb excess pressure generated by water hammers. These devices reduce the occurrence of piping systems. Surge protectors are typically installed at the control cabinet in a system to reduce voltage fluctuations. Usually installed on a vertical work site
  3. Air Chambers or Air Valves : Installed in the piping system to provide an air cushion that can absorb the increased pressure. When a water hammer occurs, the air in the pipe will compress. This reduces the pressure increase. Air Valves also help to remove trapped air from the system. Prevents Water Hammer from spawning.
  4. Check Valve : Check valve can be used to prevent back flow and water hammer. There are 2 types of check valves to choose from, type 1 swing – for horizontal installation, type 2 spring. – for vertical installation Installing check valves on site to avoid sudden shutdown that can cause water hammer.
  5. Pressure relief valve : It is a safety device that relieves excess pressure in the system. It is set to open and release the fluid when the pressure exceeds a certain limit. Prevent excessive pressure build-up and reduce the risk of Water Hammer.
  6. Proper Pipe Sizes and Lines : Properly sized pipes with the right diameter and routing can help reduce water hammer formation. Sufficient pipe sizes ensure that water velocity remains within limits. Reduces the chance of a sudden change in water velocity that could cause a Water Hammer.

          Taking these precautions can reduce the risk of water hammer. It is important that regular inspections and maintenance of piping systems are essential to identifying and correcting potential problems that may lead to water hammer. This includes checking valves. Check for leaks and make sure the surge controller is working properly. Helps maintain the service life and efficiency of the piping system. While avoiding potential damage and downtime.

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