Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser FLOWSHEN RCT Series

Tube Diffuser FLOWSHEN RCT Series Feature

  • RCT Tube Diffuser equipped with compression molded EPDM membranes, able to endure against an ultraviolet degradation or chemical corruption.
  • Hollow type tube designed allow for maximum strength at a minimum positive buoyancy.
  • Tube inlet distributor is designed for all in one injection.
  • The supported tube are made of ABS material.
  • Membranes are directly fixed by stainless steel (SUS304) clamp on the tube.

Tube Diffuser FLOWSHEN RCT Series Advantages 

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency with low head loss.
  • Self-cleaning ability and good seal to prevent water from enter into the pipeline.
  • High service area and low power consumption to provide cost efficiency.
  • High tensile strength EPDM membrane material with nondeformability for long-term operation of diffuser.
  • Easy installation with ABS adaptor which can be assembly onto pipe without using any special tools.

Tube Diffuser FLOWSHEN RCT Series Application 

  • Municipal sewage treatment process
  • Industrial wastewater treatment process
  • Purify water treatment process
  • Ozone diffuser application
  • Sludge stabilization process
  • Aquafarm

 FLOWSHEN RCT Series Performance

Performace flowshen RCT 1
Performace flowshen RCT 2


Model RCT300 RCT600 RCT1000
Material Membranes sleeve EDPM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
Supported tube Hard ABS,Open -end designed for buoyancy force minimize
DiameterxPerforation length 63mmx300mm 63mmx600mm 63mmx1000mm
Connector-air inlet threaded R3/4 ” PT,Female
Flow rate : Best continuous operation 10-80 L/min 30-250 L/min 50-320 L/min
Bubble size 1 – 3 mm

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