Grease trap under sink/above ground AQUA GTS SERIES

Is a grease trap GTS suitable for installation under the sink Inside there is a water control pad for better separation of fat. There is a waste trap screen made from rustproof stainless steel material.Manufactured from the rotomoulding process, making the wall thick and durable. Available in 3 colors: Green Granite, Sandy Brown, Pink Granite


Grease trap under sink / above ground AQUA GTS SERIES

Working system
1.Screen scraps For separating debris that flow into the waste water
2. The fat separator is designed to effectively separate the fat from the wastewater.
3.Grease drain For fat floating on the surface of the water Into the prepared container For further disposal


Material Data

Accessory Tank body Inlet Outlet Pipe Manhole Cover Garbage basket
Material PE PVC 2″ PE Stainless

 AQUA GTS Series Specifications

Model Capacity Diameter (mm.)
Liter Height Width Lenght
AQUA GT-15S 15 285 375 455
AQUA GT-30S 30 390 370 560
AQUA GT-60S 60 490 450 630
AQUA GT-150S 150 630 665 880

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