Submersible Pump KAWAMOTO AU4 Series

Submersible Water Pump KAWAMOTO Model AU4 device used for drainage from sewage tanks, kitchens, and other sources of sewage and waste water. It features a ceramic-coated cutter piece for long service life and excellent performance, an original suction configuration and casing structure, and a motor with built-in auto-cut to prevent burnout.


Model AU4

Submersible Water Pump (cutter) KAWAMOTO


4 Poles / 50 Hz  Size 50-100 mm.


  • For drainage from sewage tanks, kitchens, and drainage of
    other sewage and waste water.


  • The ceramic-coated cutter piece help maintain long service life
    with excellent performance.
  • Original suction configuration (patented) and casing structure.
  • Equipped with a motor with built-in auto-cut to prevent motor burnout
  • Two types available: flange type and pedestal suppor t type for
    easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Some models with output of 3.7kW or less are available with a float switch (automatic, auto alternate built-in). 


Description Model: AU4
Applicable Liquid Waste water, filthy water and other miscellaneous dirty water
Liquid Temperature 0-40 °C
pH 5-9
Main Pump Casing Cast Iron
Impeller FCD 4S0-SKDII (Ceramic coating)
Shaft Stainless Steel (SUS420J2)
Motor Speed 1500 rpm
Protection IP68, Class F
Construction Impeller Vortex with cutter
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal Pump : Sic x Sic Motor: Ceramics x Carbon
Motor Bearing Sealed ball bearing
Maximum Submergence 0.7S kW : 5m. 1.5-7.5 kW : 8 m.


Curve 4

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