Function of Aerator Equipment

          Aerators are devices or tools used to bring air into the system. in the work of wastewater treatment An aerator is a device used to mix air with water to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. This is often done in wastewater treatment plants to promote microbial growth. in general Aerators are used in many places. Applications to improve the quality of a substance or environment by increasing oxygen levels and facilitating mixing of air with other substances.

Standard Accessories Name Function


Pressure Gauge

Checking the air pressure in the system to keep the pressure within safe and efficient limits. which if in high pressure systems can be dangerous if not monitored properly


Relief Valve

A relief valve is a safety device that is commonly used in mechanical and industrial systems to protect against overpressure. Its function is to open and release excess pressure from the system, thus preventing any damage or potential hazards that could occur due to the buildup of pressure.


Check Valve

Causing the air to be sucked into the system flow in the same direction and prevent the backflow of air A check valve can also be used to control the air flow rate. It is often used in conjunction with a pump to prevent damage caused by backflow or other interruptions in the system.



Used to connect or fasten between the pump and the pipeline. Couplings can be used to attach other accessories such as Pressure gauge, Relief valves.


Suction Silencer

Sound-absorbing to reduce the noise generated by the air extraction process. It will help with noise pollution regulations. because it can reduce the noise level to an acceptable level and can also prevent debris or foreign objects The suction pipe can also be a filter before entering the system.


Discharge Silencer

It can reduce the noise caused by air pressure release. The pipeline is designed to reduce pressure drop and maintain the required system pressure level. and the release of air causes vibration. The pipeline can support and absorb vibration. prevent vibration of the whole system

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