Difference installation elbow and guide rail of pump

        Installation of Submersible pumps It connects the pump’s discharge pipe to the pipe in the system. There are two types of installation: elbow joint and guide rail. The selection will depend on the size of the pond, its design and the submersible pump used. Which model can use the elbow joint or guide rail? There are many models of KIRA submersible sewage pumps to choose from to suit the liquid to be pumped and the installation space.

Elbow and guide rail are two different components used in the installation of pumps.

  • An elbow is a type of pipe fitting that changes the direction of the flow of fluid or gas. It is typically used to connect two pipes of different sizes or to make a sharp turn in a piping system. In the context of pump installation, an elbow may be used to connect the discharge of the pump to the piping system, allowing the fluid to be directed in a specific direction.
    >> Installation : bringing the pump down to install in the well The piping lines are designed so that the piping in the main system and the pump’s discharge pipe are exactly the same. in order to screw them together.
    >> In maintenance : must be pumped out in the pond completely. in order to see the pump at the bottom of the pond The screw must be unscrewed to remove the pump from the piping system of the treatment process in order to pull the pump up for repair.
  • A guide rail, on the other hand, is a system of rails or channels that is used to support and guide the pump during installation and maintenance. Guide rails are typically used with submersible pumps, which are installed in a pit or wet well. The rails allow the pump to be easily lowered into the pit and secured in place, and they also provide a means for the pump to be lifted out of the pit for maintenance or repair.
    >> Installation: There will be the following equipment The guide support is installed at the edge of the well to hold the guide pipe to the guide hook at the bottom of the well. The feet will be attached to the bottom of the pond and will be connected to the pipe in the system. The pipe guides are the pump guides located above the foot. And the guide hook will transport the pump from the top to the bottom. Make sure the pump meets the trotters.
    >> For maintenance: use the chain to pull the pump up the guide rail. to repair the pump at all
guide rail
guide rail , elbow

        In summary, while an elbow is used to direct the flow of fluid or gas in a piping system, a guide rail is used to support and guide the pump during installation and maintenance.
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How to install the guide rail