How are submersible pumps and aerators different? in wastewater treatment

          Submersible pumps and aerators are commonly used in wastewater treatment systems. which the aerator There will be both on land. and an aeration pump under water. by the nature of the submersible pump And the submersible aeration pump has similar characteristics. but has a purpose of use and different working characteristics
          A submersible pump is a device designed to move wastewater from one place to another. It is generally submerged below in the treatment system. The main function of a submersible pump in wastewater treatment is to transport wastewater from low areas to high places. or from one treatment process to another Used to pump wastewater through various treatment stages. It is designed to move solids and liquids. including suspended solids and organic matter found in wastewater The impeller is selected to create pressure and flow that are suitable for the type of sludge to be pumped. These pumps are commonly used in waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and industrial applications. in order to efficiently pass through the wastewater treatment process

Working position of submersible pump in wastewater treatment system


        Aerator it is a device that moves air from above into the wastewater. It is mainly used in the biological treatment process of wastewater treatment plants. The main purpose of the aerator is for the growth of aerobic microorganisms. Which is responsible for destroying organic matter and pollutants in wastewater in the aeration process, oxygen is transferred from the air to the wastewater. Aerobic bacteria can effectively grow and carry out the biodegradation of organic pollutants. This process reduces the levels of organic compounds such as carbon and nitrogen present in wastewater.

Working position of the aerator in the wastewater treatment system


There are two types of aerators :

        In summary, submersible pumps are used for the movement of wastewater from one location to another. While aerators are used to add oxygen to wastewater to allow microbial growth. Both of these are important in wastewater treatment processes. They are different in function and usage.

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